mbean online tutorial

show Mbean information

This command can show or monitor Mbean attribute information.


Name Specification
name-pattern pattern for the Mbean name
attribute-pattern pattern for the attribute name
[m] show meta information
[i:] specify the interval to refresh attribute value (ms)
[n:] execution times
[E] turn on regex matching while the default mode is wildcard matching. Only effect on the attribute name


show all Mbean names:


show meta data of Mbean:

mbean -m java.lang:type=Threading

show attributes of Mbean:

mbean java.lang:type=Threading 

Mbean name support wildcard matcher:

mbean java.lang:type=Th*

Notes:ObjectName matching rules differ from normal wildcards, Reference resources:javax.management.ObjectName

Wildcards match specific attributes:

mbean java.lang:type=Threading *Count

Switch to regular matching using the -E command:

mbean -E java.lang:type=Threading PeakThreadCount|ThreadCount|DaemonThreadCount

Real-time monitoring using -i command:

mbean -i 1000 java.lang:type=Threading *Count