Log command outputs

Log command outputs online tutorial

Log command outputs for later analysis

  • By default, this behavior is turned off. To enable it, execute the command below:

    $ options save-result true
    save-result  false         true
    Affect(row-cnt:1) cost in 3 ms.

    If the message above is output on the console, then this behavior is enabled successfully.

  • Log file path

    The command execution result will be save in {user.home}/logs/arthas-cache/result.log. Pls. clean it up regularly to save disk space.

Use asynchronous job to log

$ trace Test t >>  &
job id  : 2
cache location  : /Users/zhuyong/logs/arthas-cache/28198/2

By doing this, the command will run at background asynchronously, and output the execution result into ~/logs/arthas-cache/{PID}/{JobId}:

  • The background job will continue to run even if the current session is disconnected. The default job timeout value is 1 day, use global ‘options’ command to alternate it.

  • The execution result will be output into the file asynchronously. Pls. note the behavior of this command is not controlled by save-result option from global options. No matter save-result is set to true or not, this command will write into ~/logs/arthas-cache/{PID}/{JobId} anyway, instead of into ~/logs/arthas-cache/result.log.