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Arthas Properties

The file is in the arthas directory.

  • If it is automatically downloaded arthas, the directory is under ~/.arthas/lib/3.x.x/arthas/
  • If it is a downloaded complete package, under the decompression directory of arthas

Supported configuration items


Note that the configuration must be camel case, which is different from the - style of spring boot. Only the spring boot application supports both camel case and - style configuration.


# seconds

  • If the configuration of arthas.telnetPort is -1, the telnet port will not be listened. arthas.httpPort is similar.
  • If you configure arthas.telnetPort to 0, then random listen telnet port, you can find the random port log in ~/logs/arthas/arthas.log. arthas.httpPort is similar.


If you want to prevent multiple arthas port conflicts on a machine. It can be configured as a random port, or configured as -1, and use arthas through the tunnel server.

disable specify commands


since 3.5.2

Such as configuration:


It can also be configured on the command line: --disabled-commands stop,dump.


By default, arthas-spring-boot-starter will disable the stop command.

Configured order

The order of configuration is: command line parameters > System Env > System Properties >

such as:

  • ./ --telnet-port 9999 command line configuration will overwrite the default value arthas.telnetPort=3658 in
  • If the application itself sets system properties arthas.telnetPort=8888, it will override the default value arthas.telnetPort=3658 in

If you want to have the highest order, you can configure arthas.config.overrideAll=true.