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Use keymap command to print the current keymap:

The default keymap is:

ShortcutShortcut DescriptionCommand NameCommand Description
"\C-a"ctrl + abeginning-of-linego to the beginning of the line
"\C-e"ctrl + eend-of-linego to the end of the line
"\C-f"ctrl + fforward-wordforward a word
"\C-b"ctrl + bbackward-wordbackward a word
"\e[D"left arrowbackward-charbackward a character
"\e[C"right arrowforward-charforward a character
"\e[B"down arrownext-historyshow next history command
"\e[A"up arrowprevious-historyshow previous history command
"\C-h"ctrl + hbackward-delete-charbackward delete a character
"\C-?"ctrl + shift + /backward-delete-charbackward delete a character
"\C-u"ctrl + uundoclear current line
"\C-d"ctrl + ddelete-chardelete the character of the current cursor
"\C-k"ctrl + kkill-linedelete all characters from the current cursor to the end of the line
"\C-i"ctrl + icompleteAuto completion, equivalent to TAB
"\C-j"ctrl + jaccept-lineend the current line, equivalent to enter
"\C-m"ctrl + maccept-lineend the current line, equivalent to enter
  • Press tab to enable auto-completion prompt at any time.
  • Enter command and - or --, then press tab to display the concrete options for the current command.

Custom shortcuts

Specify customization in $USER_HOME/.arthas/conf/inputrc file in the current user home directory.

Vim user may want to map ctrl+h to moving the cursor forward one character. To achieve this, copy the default configuration first,

"\C-a": beginning-of-line
"\C-e": end-of-line
"\C-f": forward-word
"\C-b": backward-word
"\e[D": backward-char
"\e[C": forward-char
"\e[B": next-history
"\e[A": previous-history
"\C-h": backward-delete-char
"\C-?": backward-delete-char
"\C-u": undo
"\C-d": delete-char
"\C-k": kill-line
"\C-i": complete
"\C-j": accept-line
"\C-m": accept-line
"\C-w": backward-delete-word
"\C-x\e[3~": backward-kill-line
"\e\C-?": backward-kill-word

then replace "\C-h": backward-delete-char with "\C-h": backward-char, then reconnect to Arthas console to take effect.

Shortcuts for jobs

  • ctrl + c: Terminates current command
  • ctrl + z: Suspends the current command, you can restore this command with bg/fg, or kill it.
  • ctrl + a: Go to the beginning the line
  • ctrl + e: Go to the end of the line