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Web Console

Web Console online tutorialopen in new window

Connect arthas through the browser

Arthas supports the Web Console. After attach success, the user can access: in new window.

The user can fill in the IP and connect the remote arthas on other machines.


By default, arthas only listens to, so if you want to connect from a remote, you can use the --target-ip parameter to specify the IP. See the help description for -h for more information.

If you have suggestions for the Web Console, please leave a message here: in new window


Since 3.5.4, you can right-click to copy and paste in the Web Console.

scrollback URL parameters


Since 3.5.5

By default, the number of rows that the Web Console supports to roll back upwards is 1000. It can be specified with scrollback in the URL. for example in new window

Connect remote arthas through arthas tunnel server

Reference: Arthas Tunnel